God Requires Us To Do Some Research


Try to find the fifteen bible book titles in the story below

Today, my name is Mrs. Sherlock Holmes.  Let’s pretend that I am the wife of Mr. Holmes, who was a fictional character created by a Scottish writer named Arthur Conan Doyle.  My husband first appeared in a novel as a “consulting detective” in 1887.
I, personally, appeared on the scene as a “consulting detective” in 1965 when the Holy Spirit queried me on my relationship with the Father.  (Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you?  Acts 19:15).

Even though I was young and inexperienced, many parishioners, laypeople, bible teachers, family, friends and seminar students sort me out to debate or converse with me concerning things of the bible.  And if I did not know or have a biblically based answered, I would research it and get back with them later.  A majority of the time, the Holy Spirit was with me and my response settled the matter.

Unlike Sherlock, I am not a fictional character, but I do have a Creator.  His Name is God.  He first appeared on the scene before anything was.  In other words, He was in the Beginning.
It was during those early years in ’65 I was infusing my spirit with bible knowledge, head knowledge, and methods and mannerisms from my pastor who was a gifted preacher, teacher and researcher of God’s holy word.  Those times of sacrifice have served me well.
So, are you ready to challenge yourself and play Bible Wordspector and search the bible story below to spy out fifteen names of Bible book titles listed from both the Old and New Testaments.
I have given you the results below to check your answers.  Whether you find all 15 titles or just a few, let this be an opportunity for you to have a little conversation with God and ask him to increase your efforts/desire to get to know him better by reading, meditating and memorizing his holy word through scriptures.
Once   some   remarks   were   made   about   hidden   books   of   the   bible.
It   was   a   lulu.   Kept   some   people   looking   so   hard   for   facts   and
studying   for   the   revelations   they   were   in   a   jam,   especially   since
the   books   were   not   capitalized,   but   the   truth   finally   struck   numbers
of   our   readers.   To   others   it   was   a   real   job.   We   want   it   to   be
a   most   fascinating   few   minutes   for   you.   Yes   there   will    be   some
that   are   easy   to   spot.  Others   may   require   judges   to   determine.
We   must   also   admit,   it   usually   takes   a   minute   to   find   one   and
there   will   be   loud   lamentations,   when   you   realize   how   simple   it   is.
One   little   lady   says   she   brews   coffee   while  she   puzzles   her   brain.
There   are   fifteen   bible   books.   G O O D    H U N T I N G
 (Read each word separately and find and connect the letters to form Titles)
Mark                 Luke              Kings               Acts     Revelations        James              Ruth         Numbers           Job                Amos            Esther          Judges      Titus       Lamentations       Hebrews

Hopefully, this exercise will help you to become more diligent in the service of the Lord.  By earnestly applying yourself to the knowledge of the contents of the Bible, you will not have to be ashamed when you stand before your Maker.  I therefore encourage you to become an approved workman, correctly dividing the word of Truth.

Scripture Lesson: Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.”  2 Timothy 2:15

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13 thoughts on “God Requires Us To Do Some Research

  1. dolphinwrite

    I wonder that some of the difficulties people may have is trying too hard, looking everywhere but where they already are, taking each day and the responsibilities. In the bible, it says “Be still and Know.” Yet, we’re always looking here and there, restless. Then, I think that restlessness, that need for attention and things sends us further and further away. When we read, it’s in the present.

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  2. Thanks, dolphinwrite, for your comment, but I am not sure I follow you. Is your interpretation of “Be still and Know” a polite command by God to do nothing? Could your pastor or another Christian friend explore your concept of thought with you. I would also like to hear more from you regarding your last sentence, too. Or maybe you have access to some good bible commentaries. Please respond. By the way, were you able to find any of the Books of the Bible in the story.


  3. dolphinwrite

    I think of it this way: We’re very involved in thinking, but not aware of understanding. We are constantly busy in our heads, but we can’t see the difference between thought and real understanding.

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    1. Dolphinwrite – Definitely the Bible tells us in Proverbs 4 (and other places) to get understanding, and to get wisdom. Our minds are constantly full these days. We are bombarded by knowledge everywhere, but knowledge without wisdom and understanding benefits us nothing. In this you are right.

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      1. dolphinwrite

        I think what turns many people away from church is the use of words without understanding. We see people in church, but not living after the lessons. Understanding that people, all people, have their difficulties, the church is a good place for them to share and discuss.

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      2. Agreed. My observation has been that many people come to church as a social event, not a place for baring their soul. And most don’t want to share the things going on in their lives because they want to appear to have it all together – when they’re not even close to having it all together. I call these kinds of Christians, plastic people. Hypocrites.

        Those whose hearts truly belong to God are evident. There is no pretension or hypocrisy. They are not afraid to be who God has made them, warts and all. They love God and want more than anything to live for Him alone.

        Plastic people think they’re fooling everyone, but in reality most people can see right through them. Just as you have. Have you run into this a lot at churches?

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  4. This is such a clever puzzle! I love it. You are so creative in getting across the message of God’s Word. 🙂 I’ll be honest, I only found a couple names in the short time I’ve had to look at it today, but I’m looking forward to taking another look later when I have more time. Hugs and Blessings to you, Sister!


    1. Dee, you can make it easier to find the Bible titles if you copy the story. Guide your finger along each line slowly and the Bible book titles will jump out at you. You will get some chuckles, too. Who ever wrote the original story was very clever with words. Don’t stress over it. It’s meant to be fun.

      Dee, as you can see, I received a couple of comments from ‘dolphinwrite’. I sense they may need to be under the care of a steeped in the word bible teacher. I hope my comments helped them to be strong and not lose hope. Please use their website or this space to encourage them, too.

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  5. Thanks for your response. I agree with most of what you are saying, however, I try to surround myself with forward thinking people of God. Saints with faith in our Creator and in the sinless life of Jesus Christ. Bible readers who seek understanding from the Holy Spirit. We all come into this world in ‘darkness’, but One Day we will be transformed into a Glorious Place of meaning and true understanding. Right now, what we can do is pray for our fellowman and ask God for light, love and longsuffering for our acquaintances and others whom God puts on our hearts. Proverbs says in all thy getting, get an understanding.

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    1. Thanks dolphinwrite for your comment and for your interest in my blogging. The Holy Scriptures were preserved by God for instructions to humankind as to how we are to apply them to our daily lives each and every day. As I have suggested to you in the past, perhaps there is someone in your church or family who can better explain how we are to apply God’s word to our lives. Also, may I suggest you ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you to the truth as you read and study your Bible. Yes, we all change from generation to generation, but hopefully we change for the betterment of coming to know Jesus Christ. Has God called you by name or given you a new name. Have you ever experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit. Have you been washed in the Blood of Jesus. Intimacy is what Jesus is after. Find a church that truly worships Him and teaches from the Holy Bible. Be blessed, my sister.


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