God Loves For His ‘Chicks’ To Crow About His Grace and Mercies

I’m sending out warm and cheerful ‘Greetings-cock-a-doodle-doo’ 🙂 to all my family members, cherished friends and blog readers all across the miles during this festive Easter (egg) 🥰 season in 2023.

So, what’s with the Rooster you may ask! Well, hopefully you feel the same way as I do about life’s events, episodes, and experiences we all have conquered during 2022, with the aide of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

There is no doubt about it…it is time to rise and shine and give God the glory! So, if you haven’t heard the rooster crowing…just listen to its cackling now.

Personally, I am not only crowing, but rejoicing in the fact that the Lord has continually encouraged me to watch my diet and to keep my weight under control. For one of the ways we can represent God positively is by being in good health.

Furthermore, the Holy Spirit has reassured me that if I keep my mind stayed on Him, unspeakable joy and peace will be afforded me in years to come. Hallelujah!

Please allow me to take this time to cackle a bit more about God’s healing and comforting power and for answering prayers. You see, several of my family members, close friends and neighbors have endured sicknesses, deaths, job losses and weather catastrophes. And the saving grace of the Holy Spirit’s resources have delivered, comforted and strengthened them all…and right on time. Praise the Lord!

Thanks be to God for continually ordering all of our steps, our minds, and enlightening us by revealing hidden revelations in his Word. As far as I am concerned, crowing about growing in Christ is forever something to shout about.

And in my epilogue about crowing, everyday I am surrounded by young people of different nationalities, who harbor no shame in expressing their love and admiration for the King. Now, that’s really something to crow about!…don’t you think?

Jesus is not through with me yet, although I will be celebrating my 84th birthday this year…if the Lord says so. True, I haven’t embarked on an international mission trip for about six years, but the memories of traveling to so many foreign countries and ministering to such lovely people, orphan homes, villages, holy shrines and educational facilities, I will forever cherish and ‘crow’ about them all.

Please allow me to share with you some of the many places the Lord has gathered me under his wings and allowed me to visit and to help spread the gospel. I have travelled abroad with an international team with Buckner International Corp, located in Mesquite, Texas, USA. My eyes have witnessed God’s provisions in Lima, Peru; Addis Abba, Ethiopia; Bucharest, Romania; Amman, Jordan; St. Petersburg, Russia; North Hanoi, Viet Nam; The Dominican Republic; Nicaragua; Costa Rica; San Miguel De Allende, Mexico; The Holy Lands; Isle of Patmos; Egypt; Zambia and Zimbabwe, South Africa.

Finally, I want to crow about how the Holy Spirit continuously enlightens me with discernment into His holy word and provides numerous opportunities for me to share His goodness and faithfulness with everyone I meet. So, now it is your turn to send out ‘crowing’ messages to all of your acquaintances so that in turn, we all can rejoice with you in your miraculous triumphs while serving at the feet of Jesus.

Scripture Lesson: “He will cover you with His pinions, And under His wings you may seek refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.” Psalm 9:4

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, just as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not have it!” Luke 13:34

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God Provided Me With A Slam-Dunk 2023 New Year’s Resolution!

For more than 2-1/2 hours this week, I sat idly at my computer trying to figure out what my subject would be for this week’s WP blog post.  I questioned the whereabouts of the Holy Spirit.  I begged God to unleash his creative writing geniuses on me.  But he did not answer.  At least I thought he did not answer.

Then, suddenly, I remembered.  The Holy Spirit had told me last week to begin thinking about my 2023 New Year’s resolution proclamation.  I had also been warned by my colleagues not to rest on my 2022 laurels.  For surely, more than ever before, my lifestyle, disposition, prayers, praises unto the Lord, philanthropy contributions for benevolence, personal health successes and many more blessings had flooded my total being during the past 365 days.

So, I began to feel some relief in my amnesia predicament, and prayed a quick prayer of thanksgiving and submission and vowed with the help of the Lord to do even more in the coming year.  Then, ‘voila!’ (*).  The Holy Spirit reminded me of a seminar I had facilitated over 40 years ago for a group of Deaconess women entitled, “Faith Without Works Is Dead” (**).

Note: (*) Pronounced ‘Wah-Lah!’

Note: (**) Following is a reprint and revised version of “Faith Without Works Is Dead” by S. Fowler

(To my readers, use the following new title for your 2023 New Year's Resolution:  "Learning New Ways To Fortify My Faith With Measurable Works")

"Good evening my fellow workers in the service of the Lord.  You are knowingly partakers of a Heavenly Calling to become Faith Enthusiasts within this earthly environment, in the likeness of the Apostle and High Priest of our Profession, namely, our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.   

I greet you this day in harmony, knowing that there is a better way; that faith without works is dead; and that faith without hope is like a hot coal being removed from the fire, placed on the hearth and watching its glow go out.  For we cannot continue to grow in this Christian life alone.  We need the warmth and fellowship of each other.

So, let us allow our Profession in Christ to be exercised, which is our faith.  Also, let us begin to receive our compensation and fringe benefits as well as bonuses that God has in store for many of us.


1.  First, know your job description.  Moses is our example.  He received the Law on a Tablet.  It was a blueprint of what to do.

2.  Know who your Supervisor is.  Moses, along with all the Israelites knew who wrote those laws and who was their "Boss".

3.  Know what company policies are.  However, the Company of God, Inc., began to realize that the people could not follow the rules and regulations on a consistent basis.  The Company also realized that the consequences and penalties were too sever.

4.  Know what the consequences are if you do not perform.  So, a new policy was initiated -- A BETTER WAY -- and the only requirement printed in the job description was...YOU MUST HAVE FAITH!...and be able to exercise it!

5.  Know what your limits are and be willing and ready to accept change.  Because some of the Ole Timers were so set in their ways and thought that the "Better Way" policy was so easy that there must be a fly in the ointment somewhere, they resigned and went to work in their same capacity at another firm.  But the younger people accepted the challenge based on the promises of the Employer...that he would put the Son in charge.  And all that the people had to do was to accept Him as the Supervisor, form a union (the Church) and begin to study the By-Laws (The Holy Bible).

You know the rest of the story.  How Jesus Christ has set an example that no man can top.  How He did not just sit in His Father's office, but came down among the workers. How He demonstrated His love and dedication by giving Himself so that we all could receive life-long benefits.

Nothing less is expected of us, Dear Partakers of this Heavenly Calling, if we are to continue to be in the employ of this Company.  We must begin to exercise our faith by releasing it to others and depending upon our Faithful Father/Supervisor to keep His promise and make everything alright.

Our 2023 New Year's Resolution is:  Lord, please help me to turn mustard seed faith into monumental works.  Amen!

My faith looks up to Thee – YouTube

https://www.youtube.com › watch


Classic hymn sung by the Dallas Christian adult concert choir.

Scripture Lesson:  "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God."  Hebrews 12:2

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God’s Buzzword…’Faith Based!’

I wonder if the LORD God has indicted the Christian community (faith-based, of course) for indiscriminately affixing a fashionable phrase (Buzzword) to their work/service obligations for mankind for the mere purpose of making themselves sound authoritative or important.

Here I am, you guys. You can trust me. Send your donations to…

When the Holy Spirit gave me the subject, ‘Faith Based’, to blog about for this week, He whispered and said to me, “ My child, you must first define ‘buzzword’ before you continue, because it is often misunderstood. So, I looked it up, and according to Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, a buzzword is a word or phrase, often sounding authoritative or technical, but actually is a vogue term (fashionable) used in a particular profession, field of study (i.e., ecumenical), or popular culture, etc. Buzzwords are generally used to impress or persuade rather than to inform. Also, at the same time the Holy Spirit had a second request. He said to me; “My child, in addition, you must define ‘faith based’ before you continue, because it, too, is often used out of context.

That’s when our discussion became more personal.  I was harnessed with a challenge which I am ‘obligated’ to pass on to you.  My/our charge is to stock the trunk of our cars with brand new socks, under garments, winter gloves, and used winter coats and skull caps.  I am /we are to deliberately program our driving directions to pass through neighborhoods where homeless souls are visually apparent, and freely distribute the contents of our car trunks, indiscriminately, during the remaining months of 2022.   The fruit of this spirit filled jester is that we should not have none of these items remaining in our cars come January 2023.

If this task is accomplished, (along with other similar acts of kindness), then and only then can we profess that we are affiliated with a‘faith based’ church that believes it is better to obey than to sacrifice.  And also, our places of worship can honestly proclaim that they are a faith based organizations and it is better to actually ‘show some love and compassion’ than to falsely boast, criticize or place blame.

So, let’s all take off our clown persona and be for real…

We can do this by claiming the three-fold directive Jesus Christ gave to Peter, His lead disciple. Jesus ask; “Simon, son of John, do you love Me?” (Notice that Jesus referred to Peter(*) by his earthly name and that he belonged to an earthly father.) (Perhaps, all the time Peter was walking with Jesus, he was performing under a buzzword…I’m just sayin’.) Is your response to Jesus’ three-fold command, ‘Yes, Lord; You know that I love You’.

QUESTION: What is the Greek translation of your name?!!!!

My prayer during this thanksgiving season is this: Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You very much for the promise that You are with us, and that You are a refuge and a shelter for your people. Moreover, that You are a help in times of trouble. Thank You for using us and allowing us to be Your helpmates during this winter season. BUT before we step up to this challenge, we want to thank you for being our Father and changing our names. You are an awesome Father that made it possible for us to be more than conquerers of buzzwords. Pease continue to melt hearts and minds to be servants and not serpents towards our fellowman, but to show compassion and empathy towards one another. Lord Jesus, please make us children of light who will from now on do all that is good and right and true. Help us to expose sin and be willing to work on our relationships with other people. We ask for this because we want our services to be truthful and in accordance with faith based principles. Amen and Amen!

Take a listen to the inspirational song below...

Faith of Our Fathers, Living Still – The Tabernacle Choir

https://www.youtube.com › watch 4:18 minutes

Before embarking on your mission trip stop by the “Faith Based” gas station and fill up your car with empathy.

Scripture Lesson: “You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness righteousness and truth”. Ephesians 5:8-9

(*NOTE) Simon, which means ‘small stone, in Greek, had his name changed by Jesus to Peter, large stone, on whom God ultimately built his church.

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God Wants To Know Are You Listening!

100 Jokes 21

How hilarious! But seriously, do people with whom you often converse with, really hear what you are saying?

I struggled with my own question above that I am asking you to answer. And I believe this is because of the way I was brought up by my adult relatives as a child. My paternal grandmother would always admonish her grands and great grandchildren by saying, ‘children should be seen and not heard’. To a child this meant you would be in big trouble if you dared to ‘butt-in’ to grown folks conversations. (No matter that this old English proverb dates back to the 15th century.)

While I am on the subject of reminiscing about my childhood with you, let me share with you another mis-step in learning from my peers. My grandmother also liked to be known as The Mother Hen. And she would often gather her little chickens (us grands and great grands) around her and teach us bible songs. Grandma’s favorite was “Bringing In The Sheaves. I always thought she was crazy because we didn’t have any sheep! Take a listen to the song below and tell me what you think a child heard. Especially if the singer had an accent.

Bringing In The Sheaves

YouTube · Gandalf1948

Now, can you see why God wants to know if we are really listening?

The skill of understanding others helps us predict what people feel in a certain situation. It also allows us to make sense of how people react. Perhaps God is looking down from Heaven with irreverence at our reactions to life’s circumstances, and is wondering if we listened to the right gospel message concerning his Son, Jesus Christ. For it is certain that many of us are not operating as God’s ambassadors.

How do I actively listen? To find out just click the yellow box below and watch this short video.

00:29Use door openers00:56Take notes during important conversations

My prayer for us all:

Dear Heavenly Father. I confess that I do not thoroughly know Your word although I am earnestly trying to hear, learn, apply and live out its principles each and every day. Why? you might ask. Because that is also Your desires for me. I truly realize that there is so much insight and wisdom locked up in Your Word that perhaps I will never quite understand it all. Nevertheless, please help me to study to show myself approved, rightly dividing Your Word. Unstop my ears so that my listening skills are sharp. Guide me to scholarly Christian commentaries so that I may gain a deeper understanding of Your life, death, burial and resurrection. In so doing, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I will be more equipped to know my Bible and use it to answer people’s trick questions. I ask these blessings in the Precious Name of Our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. Amen

Scripture Lesson:Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance. Proverbs 1:5

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God Alone Sanctions…We Are To Serve

“Wow! What is he talking about! I would never do that! And I thought he was a Christian.”

“Sssphew! These two are really way out there. And I thought they were born-again Christians!”

Have you ever realized that most people just don’t think or talk like you do. You say potato, I say potahto! You say tomato, I say tomahto! Potatoe, potahto, tomato, tomahto…let’s call the whole thing off!


God’s message to the energetic person who is witnessing to new converts, seasoned Believers or total strangers is to think BEFORE you speak:

Several places in the New Testament we can read of the two greatest commandments God gave to the world: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this, love your neighbor as yourself.’ Those two commandments are what is called a divine sanction. (Luke 10:27)

It means to convey a legalistic term (used in church law) the idea that mankind is ultimately answerable to God for his or her actions while here on earth. So, as a suggestion to those of you who take on the role of a missionary, it may not be necessary for you to impose your own examples or reasons why you perform some of God’s edicts the way you do. Your references or examples should always be WWJD…What Would Jesus Do!

Let’s say you are witnessing to either new believers or seasoned saints on the subject ‘Cultivating Good Relationships’ which the Apostle Paul is referring to in Romans 14:1. You are expressing your strong opinion on what foods you eat. Your choices of the intake of foods are totally different from the people you are witnessing to. You realize that this discussion is going no where, yet, you continue. Paul suggests that due to the fact that multiple backgrounds might be at play, certain meats and/or vegetables may be hindering obtaining a mutual understanding about the matter…which should be about surrendering to Christ!

What’s important in all of this is the fact that God should receive the glory at the end of the conversation and not the personal thoughts and preferences of either the speaker or the listeners. Why? Because both parties are the guests of God at his table. And God knew before he invited you both to dine with him what your food preferences were. After all, just where does that leave you if you have to condescend to another. You may look pretty silly. For it is also written in Romans; “‘As I live and breathe,’ says the Lord, every knee will bow before me; and every tongue will tell the honest truth that I and only I AM God,'” (The One Who Sanctions)

Now, please allow me to share a personal example with you…

In the past, I have been criticized for naming this blog, “Conversations With God Using Scripture”. It is difficult for some people to comprehend that the Holy Spirit engages me in conversations. As you know, there are numerous books out there on the subject of conversations with God. Most of them are nonfiction literature based on data collected from persons who have experienced some sort of an encounter with the Master.

I refer to these people as seekers of divine revelations. Some received a heavenly response, while others sought an explanation to their query from a friend or an acquaintance. It was the title of these books that peeked my curiosity. For, rarely do you find a book with the title embracing conversations with God actually using God’s word to speak for him. Generally, it is the author’s interpretation.

It was my desire to compose the entries for my blog posts to be a totally accurate and bold approach to use to record divine messages I was blessed to receive from on High. Hopefully, it is obvious that exhaustive research of the scriptures was necessary to compile the dialog exchanged herein. Also, one can surmise that the composer of these blogs would have to have the aid of the Holy Spirit in order to retain and or recall matching scriptures to validate what was written.

You can also imagine that as I internalized these criticisms, concerning my personal relationship with God, I began to feel low and unworthy. But then, the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear and said…WWJD? Prayerfully, I begin to reread many of my blog posts I have written in the past. While taking this stroll down memory lane, I was lifted unto heights resembling the 3rd Heaven that Paul viewed on one of his divine journeys. And I said to myself…’IF NOT ME…THEN WHO, MY LORD?’

God’s response was…My child, is not my grace sufficient? Forget about deciding what is right. Here is what you need to be concerned about: that you do not put a stumbling block in another’s path, nor make another’s life more difficult than it already is. Be more concerned about your service unto the Sovereign God and how I AM using your life to bless others as I set it right, put it together, and complete it with great joy. Keep on keeping on attending to your services for my kingdom.

My Prayer for you…

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that You will give us a pure heart for those in need and clean hands that will offer them help and hope so that we will be merciful as You are merciful. May the message we relay to others always be true, helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind. In Jesus’s Name I pray…Amen!

Scripture Lesson: “Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.” 2 Corinthians 7:1

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God Commissioned The Apostle Paul To Leave Us A Legacy of Golden Wisdom

It was not always what the Apostle said that was more precious than gold…but when he witnessed to others, it was what he didn’t say that you could take to the bank!

Many, many, many years ago, the Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart to strive to get an understanding about the divine information that He was about to impart to me. The Holy Spirit was acutely aware of the fact that in my adolescence years, I was labeled as an extremely gullible child. And this character trait often made me the butt of school yard bullies’ jokes. Yes, I was very naive and trusting of others, and could easily be persuaded to believe something that wasn’t true. Even my own siblings often teased me.

Another characteristic that I had was my ability to remember and recite my dreams which often got me into trouble. Probably because in my dreams I was someone who was accomplished…like a famous movie star, or a world traveler, or a gifted teacher, or a notable writer or poet, or a lady of means. And you guessed it…no body believed me or encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

But God knew my destiny and guided me all the way..

During my ensuing years, I did began to walk in my own destiny. As a young woman, I adopted my epitaph from Proverbs 4:7; “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Longevity of 22 years of gainful employment with a fortune 500 company, afforded me numerous promotions. Initially, I rose from a lowly job in the typing pool, to becoming an Executive Secretary, and after time, finally achieved the title of Building Office Manager of the company’s remote central office in another city. While in that position, I mimicked my superiors investment strategies and learned how to invest in real estate and bank securities. To memorialize my life’s journeys, which had taken so many turns, I began to write a weekly blog on a platform called WordPress. And as the Lord would have it, during my first 10 years of retirement, His spirit prompted me to become engaged in international missionary work. This calling allowed me to travel to many countries all over the world. So, needless to say, this gullible, naive and adventurous girl has lived out her destiny under the influence of her dreams and with the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Now, let me share what the Apostle Paul deposited in my bank account…

Along my journey, the Holy Spirit continues to softly and tenderly speak to me. His message is for me to always present myself in a godly manner, for the Good Lord has much work for me to do in His vineyard. Examine your interactive virtues with others and do not allow your meek and mild personality to be overrun by boisterous and animated dialogue. Consider the Apostle Paul’s messages in at least four gospel letters in the New Testament:

  • “Walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called.” (Ephesians 4:1)
  • “Let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ.” (Philippians 1:27)
  • “Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.” (Colossians 1:10)
  • “Walk in a manner worthy of God.” (1 Thessalonians 2:12)

What are the two take-a-ways from these holy scriptures…

The first lesson to be learned is that the deposit slip says it all and the precious message written therein to us all is the equivalent to gold nuggets and is simply this: Always be mindful when we witness to others, to relate incidents that will come across as a duplicable task…if God did it for me, He can surely do it for you. Especially if you want to relate a supernatural experience, you must tell it the way Paul did in 2 Corinthians 12:1-10. Paul presented that event as if it happened to someone else that he knew, instead of inundating the egotistical pronoun “I” repetitively.

Paul’s wise wisdom recorded in verses 6-7 helps us to understand why…”I have plenty to boast about and would be no fool in doing it, but I don’t want anyone to think more highly of me than he should from what he can actually see in my life and in my message. I will say this: because these experiences I had were so tremendous, God was afraid I might be puffed up by them: so I was given a physical condition which has been a thorn in my flesh, a messenger from Satan to hurt and bother me and prick my pride.”

The second lesson to be gleaned from Paul’s teachings is although he was a great orator, disciple, church planter and did much more to further the kingdom of God, he had a big problem. He had a defect in his body and mind. He had an impediment. And in all of Paul’s “getting”, he had not gotten an understanding about Who imposes afflictions. (Paul identified his handicap as coming from a messenger from Satan.) Paul thought he had nothing further to deposit in his bank account, so he prayed for God to withdraw it. To Paul’s deposit slip, God added His grace and told Paul that was sufficient for him to take to the bank.

God’s message to Paul and to us is to always speak modestly and not boastfully when attempting to convert nonbelievers. Allow the workings of Jesus Christ to break the bank! Why? Because if anyone should stumble on the way to the bank and misplace a nugget or two, Christ Jesus can relocate it or replace it with another gold nugget for His edification.

Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corinthians 12:9b, 10

My prayer for you…My Lord, thank You for hearing our prayer. We ask You to please protect us from becoming so used to the message of salvation that we will neglect to accept it for ourselves. I beseech thee to instill in us a belief in You and not our enemies; to speak of our faith spontaneously and not in a puffed up way; to adhere to the fact that it was through Your crucifixion that You made it possible for us to be reconciled with God. Please help us to carry out these golden nuggets of truth as we proclaim Your message and take it to the bank and not keep it to ourselves. In the Precious Name of Jesus…Amen!

Scripture Lesson: “When the Gentiles heard this they were glad and honored the word of the Lord; and all who were appointed for eternal life believed. The word of the Lord spread through the whole region.” Acts 13:48-49.

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