And like they say about an elephant…remember what you have learned!

My, my, my…what a Great God we serve! 

As I picked up my pen this week to begin writing my blog, I softly prayed, ‘Lord I’m available to you.  Speak to your servant’s mind concerning what I should blog about for my readers.’  The first sentence my pen wrote was this:  My child, tame your fears and your anxieties.

Next I wrote (under the influence of the Holy Spirit) the following bullet points:

  • Take up your bed and walk                             (Matthew 9:6b)
  • The centurion’s servant healed                      (Matthew 8:13)
  • Stretch out your hand                                       (Mark 3:5)
  • Restored the man’s ear                                     (Luke 22:53)
  • The healing of the womb with Mandrakes  (Genesis 30:17)
  • Jesus’ virtue heals a blood issue                     (Mark 5:34)

Oh, my Lord, this conversation is too lofty for me.  What are You trying to tell me? 

My beloved, this pandemic will pass.  You are anxious for nothing.  As for you and all the others around the world who are bombarding My throne with prayers for healing and relief of Covid-19, know this; just as I have brought relief and restoration to My people of old, I will do it again for this generation, too, at My appointed time.  Connect the dots!

I admonish all to do the following:  “…lift up the cup of salvation (repent) and (continue to) call on the Name of the Lord.  Let everyone fulfill his or her vows to the Lord in the presence of all the people.”  (A paraphrase from Psalm 116:3)

In conclusion with my time with the Father, I took renewed strength in remembering how precious in the sight of the Lord is all the deaths of those faithful saints who have now gone on to glory due to the coronavirus.  My conversation with God has truly loosened my bonds of afflictions, fears and anxieties and have given me renewed hope.  As a child I remembered how excited I was when after completing connecting the dots of my activity book, I shouted with unspeakable JOY!!!  Thank you Lord for such joy and understanding concerning the predicament the world is in today.  No matter what the outcome, those that mourn are all truly blessed knowing that you are in control.

Thank You Lord…You are surely my Comforter and Redeemer.

Scripture Lesson“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”  Matthew 5:4

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  1. My sentiments exactly, Precious One. I did not realize that the Lord saw my tears, even in my sleep, over the pain and sufferings so many people are experiencing during this pandemic. I would awake to a wet pillow on several occasions after dreaming of those families not being able to visit their loved ones in hospitals or engage in a proper internment for them. Jesus Christ, Himself, visited me just like He joined the 2 men on the Road to Emmaus. How sweet was that!!! Luke 24:28.


  2. Amen! We sometimes forget that all the days of our lives were written in his book before even one of them began. Our lives are in his hands no less and no more today than they were before COVID-19. Thank you for such a wonderful reminder! God bless you today and every day!

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