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Hello World!



                                 “Oh my god, grandma…not again!”

My name is Grandma Fowler, and I am an ordinary grandmother who loves to write about her passions.  Honestly, I believe I have something to say, but so far, blogs that I have published in the past do not reflect my sentiments.  (That is, being void of traffic and posted comments from the general public…YOU!)

This is the forth time I have lifted myself off the couch and entered into the world of cyber-blogging.  However, this time I am more determined than ever before to launch a new approach.  It is my intent to connect with you guys out there, and to harness your people power energy, which I so desperately need to fuel my ambitions.

With that being said…move over kids.  Grandma’s back in town and she is calling for all other grandparents who love writing and are curious about the latest blogging phenomenon on the internet to join her…being computer savvy creatures or not!

So, here is what I intend to do…


“Helping hands optimizing opportunities by connecting people with power.  God’s power!”

I have decided that because procrastination is one of my weaknesses, I would engage an accountability group of like-minded people who are struggling to obtain a more reasonable and practical understanding of God’s word so that they might be able to apply it to their everyday lives and perhaps propel someone else to do the same.  I truly believe I can pull together 8 to 10 people, in a relatively short time who are committed to reaching their personal, private, religious, financial and educational goals through a literary commitment of inspirational acumen.  My hope is that through this experience of uniting people power, I will become an effective self-help guru or sage who propels hundreds of wannabe bible scholars to the top of their game (void of seminary training BUT in sinc with the Holy Spirit).

So, my fellow future followers, hook your star to this wagon and let’s go. Please read and post your verbose comments to each and every blog post on “Conversations With God Using Scripture”.  Fill free to make suggestions on subject content you wish for me to blog about.  I will be forever in your debt.

It goes without saying, I recognize and embrace power from the people...you people got it going on!


40 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Mama Dee

    Happy day,

    Well My Sister, I have finally taken the time to breathe & start to read ur blogs. So I’m getting ready to catchup, w/what’s ever is left on the site. C u when God says chat when He allows.

    W 4 J & Loving it

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    1. Oh, happy day, my sister. How good and how pleasant it is for the two of us to share God’s word. Your comment is enlightening and much appreciated. Please come back to this space whenever you wish to express your thoughts on any blog. Be blessed!

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  2. …and you, Dee, are so special to me although I don’t know why. Your spirit seems to transcend my total being. You are unique to God and to the world. You were born with a special leadership anointing on your soul. Continue to use your pen to enlighten us. Your sister in Christ.

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    1. Wow, I am speechless. Thank you so much. I completely agree that you and I have a special bond, and I am so thankful for that. I also very much appreciate your insight, and I seek God continually for His purpose for my life and blog. It’s a struggle, because I don’t want to just write words for the sake of writing words. I want to write HIS words. And I can only do that by staying close to Him; as you most obviously do. We are kindred spirits, you and I. 🙂

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      1. Hello Dear Dee. Are you ready to resume blogging. How long will you deny your followers? Hope all is well with you and your family. I truly miss you and your insight on God’s word. It’s fine for you to re-blog others writings, but I just want to hear from you. Please oblige me and your other followers by returning to WP. Love you and keep the peace. Sonja

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      2. Thank you so much, dear Sister Fowler. My family is still messy… but in some ways better than when you and I were messaging. I miss you! I hope to return to WP soon. I’m praying for direction in how and what I should be writing before I do. Love and hugs to you, my sweet Sister.

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      3. Yes Dee, please return. It gives us all great joy to read what God puts on your heart for that moment and He will provide you with His words so much!!! I agree with Sonja, RETURN please 😀 Blessings and honor, Christine C Sponsler

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    1. We have found each other, Eden, and may we never part. Your post are anointed. And I am pleased that you are now one of my followers. I shall endeavor to also continue to blog as the spirit reveals it to me. Be blessed, my son.

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  3. Hello to a fellow sister in Christ, Grandma and blogger.
    Keep going whether or not you get responses. As long as you feel you are doing God’s will, that is what matters.
    It may help you if you install a “like” button. many people will tap a button rather than comment.
    Eternity will show the result of our following God’s leading as we blog for Him.

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    1. May God richly bless you, too, holdingontojesus. I have visited your blog many times. I believe we both have a friend in Sister Dee. Isn’t she amazing. I’ll figure out how to install a ‘like’ button as you suggested. And have no fear about me blogging each week. That is my intent until traveling days are over….as the old people used to say. Peace!

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      1. Windell Walters

        Sister Fowler, I thank God for you, your heart to know and share God’s word and His love. I pray God the Holy Spirit will continue to illuminate His word to you as you “dig deeper lovey.” We miss seeing you, but think of you often.

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      2. May the Lord bless you, my brother. So nice to hear from you. I can attest to the fact that my 10 years of international missionary travels with the Buckner International Organization helped me come to know our Lord and Savior in a more personal and perfect way. And as I submitted more and more to the Holy Spirit within me, He has opened many doors for me and provided me with a host of loving and loyal friends and acquaintances. You and your wife are at the top of the list. I truly love sharing God’s word through bogging. Stay tuned my friend.


  4. Hello again Grandma Fowler,
    I have to say that this blog touched my heart. I was raised by my maternal grandma and now I am a grandma of 6 beauties. I have been motivated by your words of wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. You are a blessing and it is with great pleasure that I can say I will be one of your biggest blogging (and life) fans. Blessings and honor, Christine C Sponsler

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  5. Dear Christine. How touched I am of your faithfulness and loyalty. It’s good to know that the messages and conversations I have with the Holy Spirit are received and benefit you and others. I truly have a passion to teach one and reach one for the family of God. I have lots of experience in the service of the Lord. He has sent me all over the world as a missionary with an international organization called Buckner International here in Dallas, Tx. I also have been a bible teacher for many years and have experienced God’s presence all my entire life. He has been my rock in a weary land and my shelter in a time of storms. Amen!

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  6. Cathy Wilson

    What a wonderful blessing you are to me in our Women’s E Sunday School class. Your wisdom and insight has truly helped me during this time being away from my beautiful blessed sisters in person. I thank God for putting me exactly where I needed to be, in your presence to hear his wisdom shared through you. Keep letting God use you because you have truly blessed me!


    Your Sister in Christ Cathy Wilson

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    1. Welcome aboard, Sister Cathy. As you know, I love our Women’s E Sunday School Class at Cornerstone Baptist Church. I also admire our 3 gifted Sunday School teachers that bless our souls every Sunday with their wisdom. It is also a pleasure fellowshipping with all the sisters in our class whether remotely or in a controlled setting. Your words of encouragement are a blessing to me. The Lord has made His face to shine upon me and given me reassurance that He is with me until the end. I hope to continue having conversations with Him until traveling days are over. May He also continue to bless you and your family. Amen!


  7. A message to all my followers and especially those who take the time to post a comment or two on my blogs on http://www.tgifmasterminds.com. Thank you for your words of encouragement and enlightenment. God has blessed me tremendously during these 3 years that I have been blogging on “Conversations With God Using Scriptures”. It’s because of the Holy Spirit re-filling me every week, that I have not missed a Friday contributing a post to WordPress. I intend to post a blog each Friday until God says it’s over. Amen!


  8. Good morning Sister Fowler, thank you for sharing GOD’s message via blogging. I am on vacation now and have time to catch up on my reading. Have a wonderful day/night and remain safe.

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  9. I trust you are exercising caution while on vacation, Sister Tangie. Be safe. Also, many thanks for taking the time to read and to comment on so many of my blogs while you are engaged in R&R. But I am a bit older than you, so may I suggests that you rekindle your attention to your family while on vacation and concentrate on them and get plenty of rest. I can only imagine how operating as “First Lady” to a large congregation can get taxing at times.

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  10. I am vacationing inside our home where I also have been teleworking since March 2020. I am resting and catching up on several projects. The congregation is fairly small. Thank you for your caring message.

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  11. Hello, I would like to have a conversation with
    things I’ve experienced from the almighty above.

    I know he’s on the throne watching & listening
    every sec of the day & night he never sleeps.

    I know he sacrificed his only son for our sins
    he created man-beast plants-land & sea all of it.

    So yea you can count me on your blogs as well
    I see you have a good stack of comments here
    being I’m just jumping on here so it’s nice to meet you.

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    1. Welcome aboard, bloggngnoggin. Can you explain your handle? And certainly you are counted among the followers of Christ. My weekly blogs are mostly centered around my personal relationships with the Master. Also, I prayerfully inquire of the Holy Spirit with what I do not understand and those things I seek to gain a deeper understanding in. I pray for lost souls, those in power (regardless of their political affiliation), the non believer, the sick and down trodden. I fortify my soul and spirit through daily prayer. God is my refuse and strength. Be blessed, my friend.

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  12. Clever, my friend. I, too, did something similar. Since I blog on Fridays, I used “tgif”…thank God it’s Friday. And since my mind is filled with inspiration from the Master, I added…masterminds.
    So, it came out…tgifmasterminds. Obviously, we think alike. Be blessed.

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  13. Well, what do you know! I’ll have to start calling you Lazarus instead of ‘bloggingnoggin’. God’s been calling your name since November 2021. Evidently, you answered His call by saying to all the ‘noise’ around you; ‘Hush, hush, Somebody’s calling my name.’ Now, no more sabbaticals. Your Grandmother Fowler has spoken.

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    to pay $out that I don’t have, & I have other writing
    sites I use that’s free like blogger.com & I have
    plenty of content on there to engage in.


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