God’s Desire Is For Us To Know Him Intimately…So What’s In A Name?

“Please hold my hand, Lord. For I am a sinner, saved by Your grace! I yield!

Webster defines “conversation” as having an oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas. So, what does it mean to know God intimately? Well, for me, I have come to realize that my conversations with God are very personal and private. Our relationship is one that allows us to laugh together, cry together, come to a mutual understanding especially after I have thought about the situation carefully and/or studied it prayerfully. The Holy Spirit has also made known to me my epitaph inscription; “In all thy getting, get an understanding”. (Proverbs 4:7b KJV)

Now I have a question for you…

Which would you rather have been given; a name at birth that distinguished you from other people, or a name at birth that referenced your inner most being?  I realize that’s a tough question because as we grow, our character changes.

Unlike the Native American societies, at birth, infants receive names that are descriptive that can be changed as they go through life, according to what their experiences and accomplishments are.  The vast nomenclatures for God are like that…or should I say ought to be like that as you grow more intimately in Him.

Your Christian walk and desires should be one of learning how to become more mature in grace and obedience because of a Wondrous working God.  Your prayer life could be strengthened every time you called on Him if you substituted the word “God” for one of His names (below) from Scripture that addressed your need.  Why?  Because we know with assurance, God has already shown himself worthy of that title. (Below are four examples of titles.)

“God of Heaven” “Prince of Peace” “Deliverer ” “Righteous One” ”
When prayingPray for waring nations,Pray for Kings,Praying for
for weatherPeople, Governments, andPresidents, AllJustice, Sinners,
(nature) conditions.Societies, etc.Leaders, Parents, andAll Knowledge, and
Care Givers.Jesus’ position as
the Son of God.
The Names above are to be used in prayer in place of God in order to take the focus off of yourself!

Now, perhaps you can answer my question…

Because most of us at birth were given names that merely distinguished us from other people, we are not recognized by any attainable goals or notable accomplishments. On the other hand, every time we call on the Name of the Lord in prayer by one of His descriptive Names in Scripture that actually addresses our needs, we can shout hallelujah because we know He is able, ready and willing to respond.

My prayer for you…

Dear Jehovah Jireh, my Provider and Maker of Heaven and Earth, we want to thank You very much for making us joyful and happy. We want to make our thoughts obedient to You, and in all things we sincerely ask that You help us to focus on all things that are beautiful and good and right so that our conversations and interactions with You will reflect Your peace and understanding. We ask these blessings in your Son’s Name, Jesus the Christ. Amen

Scripture Lesson: “Brothers (and Sisters), stop thinking like children. In regard to evil be infants, but in your thinking be adults.” (1 Corinthians 14:20 NIV)

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7 thoughts on “God’s Desire Is For Us To Know Him Intimately…So What’s In A Name?

  1. Cathy Wilson

    Thank you my Deliverer because you are more than enough. Wonderful words of wisdom. I dearly missed this during your vacation time. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family. God Bless.

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    1. Hello Sister Cathy. Yes, I was on vacation, BUT you did not miss any blogs. I posted every Friday as usual. Just scroll backwards and take a look. I have never missed a week blogging since 2018. Thank you for your loyal support and prayers. Your friend in Christ.


  2. Stay tuned. More is yet to come. By the way, after Church last week, four of us girls went to brunch at Cracker Barrel’s and we all received a blessing. A mystery ‘saint’ paid for all of our lunches. Thank God for mystery saints. Now we have to pay it forward, too. Be on the look out. God’s blessings are flowing your way, too.


  3. Hello Sister Fowler! God takes names very seriously, doesn’t He? I think I prefer being named in a way that distinguishes me from others. The scriptures say that God has a special name for each of us, and most likely that will be the one that descriptive of our innermost being and I am content to wait until He gives that to me! Blessings to you, sweet friend.

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  4. Hello Dee. In another blog post I revealed that the name the Holy Spirit gave me many years ago from Isaiah 62:12b was “Sought Out” (in some Biblical translations it says Sought After). If the truth be told, in my Christian infancy, I was a lukewarm daughter in Christ. Now His Holy Spirit is like fire shut up in my bones!!! AND, the Holy Spirit has since shown me that my birth name…SONJA, also defines who I am. (Son/daughter of Jah,) Go figure.

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