What do you know about cars?  For one thing, did you know how inefficient they are?  I had to laugh when I learned that cars take up a huge amount of space on this planet but get driven around mostly empty.  (If you don’t believe me, just take a look to your right and left the next time you pull up to a stop sign.)

Government statistics have reported that private cars driven in the U.S. carries only 1.6 people per trip!  So, what we can conclude about cars is that they mostly just sit there, parked in the garage, the driveway, on the street, at the dealership or at the mechanic’s. But, not withstanding, they demand a large portion of your operating cash.

Okay, I know what you are thinking; what does the above information have to do with having a conversation with God?  (I’m so glad you asked.)  Well, what I am about to share with you this week is a belated conversation that happened to me some 25 years ago, that I almost forgot to revisit. My Lord reminded me that I had not repented nor thanked Him for His long arm of protection that He had provided in an area He is definitely an expert in…namely, time perspective.

Here’s how I surmised that God travels in style and not in happenstance…

Some 60 years ago, I was a passenger in a car of a young but legally aged driver. Also, his wife was seated on the front passenger’s seat and I was in the back seat.  We were traveling a few miles above the speed limit, but our vision still allowed us to see straight ahead as well as quick side glances of territories we were currently passing.  In other words, the driver had only a 2-dimensional view of scenery that was leading us towards our destination.

Suddenly, we approach a sharp bend in the road.  Just beyond the bend, the highway went into a deep downward slope that allowed the car to accelerate and go even faster.  To everyone’s horror, the hood of the car came unlatched and flew backwards covering the whole windshield and blinding the driver’s view.  We all began screaming and yelling, ‘Stop the car, slow down and stop the car!’  We all thought we were going to die that day. Fortunately, the driver managed to pull off the road and to safety.  No harm was done.  We exited the car, tied the hood down and continued on our way.

Years later, when I was much more mature and assessing my life with a spiritual barometer, the Holy Spirit spoke to me in the vernacular of how God was a safe and stylish driver.  He brought to my mind a memory of a frightened girl in the back seat of a car.  ME!  The Holy Spirit said to me, do you remember wiping tears from your eyes after that hood-flying situation was over.  I could only respond by nodding my head. Well, that was Me comforting you and quietly instructing the driver to use more caution and adhere to the speed limit because he had precious cargo on board.  He continued by saying, I also shut his wife’s mouth so that she did not scold him afterwards.  Remember?

During that conversation, dear readers, I want you to know, I did none of the talking.  I kept my mouth closed. I just listened, cried softly and begin to thank God for his strong arm of protection.  I also asked for forgiveness for my slowfulness in returning to give thanks.

The Holy Spirit ended His time with me by saying, My Child, I always know where I am going when I travel, especially the condition of the roads and the direction I want to take.  In fact, while using my divine GPS I also know who else will be on the road besides Me, and what disposition they will arrive in once they reach their destination. I AM THE NASCAR DRIVER OF THE UNIVERSE!  I TRAVEL IN STYLE, DISPOSITION AND LAW AND ORDER!

Here is the lesson I learned…

Always remember the Lord will carry us in His arms where ever we want to go as long as we trust and obey Him. Make it a habit to look and see that there are only one set of foot prints.

We have a Father who is willing, able and prepared to carry His children through life in spite of their slowfulness and lack of understanding. He is familiar with all types of transportation, yet surpasses them all. He is like a bridge over troubled waters. And he travels in style.

Scripture Lesson: He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end. Ecclesiastes 3:13

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