God Knows Your Name

Blog-From the beginning God knows my name

From the beginning, God knew your name!

Dear Readers.  Did you know that from the beginning of your existence, God had a calling on your life.  I know this because I had a conversation with him during my adult transformation from worldly desires to seeking wisdom and understanding through reading God’s word.  Let me share with you how this came about.

God’s call on my life.

As I became more and more familiar with the bible and Jesus’ teachings, I began to realize a change in my demeanor and life style.  For some reason I didn’t crave the entertainment and people I used to.  I stopped dressing as provocative as I used to.  My attitude and demeanor was more comforting and not as confrontational.  I began to feel and act more obliging towards others.  I found solace in reading my Sunday School lessons and searching commentaries for deeper explanations of Scripture.  Needless to say, something got a hold of me.  And that Something was Jesus!

woman-in-white-and-red-floral-dress-standing-on-green-grass-3605015 (1)

               Speak, Lord, Thy servant is listening.

He, at first, received a busy signal from me.

Although, God called me at a ripe-mature age, like most of you, at first, I turned a deaf ear to his voice.  I allowed the voices of Mr. and Mrs. Excuse, Aunt and Uncle Procrastination and my favorite cousin Self-willed Willie to have control over my life.  They took turns distorting my hearing, understanding, mind, heart, time, talents and my treasures.  But thanks be to God, one day I said, ‘Enough, already!’  I surrendered under the Cross.

My humble advice to you is simply this; no matter what your age, begin seeking the love of Jesus today.  Start recognizing the extraordinary methods of operation He is performing in your lives.  When I came to myself, I repented and prayerfully asked the Lord to forgive me for procrastinating in performing His bidding.  I have also thanked Him profusely for silencing every negative voice that previously had dominion over me.

He changed my name!

One day, I finally got up enough nerve to prayerfully ask God a question since I felt strongly that I was on his team.  I said, Lord, in the scriptures I notice that those whom You call and send out on Your behalf, You change their names.  Have You given me a new name?  Jesus answered me in my spirit…My child, have you not read Isaiah 62:12a?  Your name to Me has always been ‘Sought Out’.  I have been seeking you out since your birth, but you have been running from Me.

What a revelation!  What a blessed nomenclature!  What a divine calling from my Lord and Savior!

He is no respecter of person!

I challenge you out there…those who are sincerely seeking the Lord to confess that perhaps the reason why you have not totally committed yourself to His service is because He is calling you by another name that you do not recognize.  Pray and ask God to open your eyes and to remove the worldly scales that have formed over them and to make it plain.  For the scriptures say to ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open unto you.  Begin to claim all that God has in store for you right now.  For Jesus alone can make your paths straight.

What He has done for others, He will do for you!

Always remember that God is calling you twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.  It is your choice to mentally leave your domain, your comfort zone, your place of many voices and answer his call.  He is The One with the still small voice.  He is The Comforter.  When you are ready to obey and yield, just say, “Speak, Lord, thy servant is listening.”  Amen

Scripture Lesson: 
Jeremiah 29:11

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