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Jesus said, “I brought glory to you here on earth by doing everything you told me to.”  John 17:4   Can we, too, recite those words before the Almighty?


Today, I feel good!…doo-dah…doo-dah..doo-dah…doooo!  WHY?  Because God allowed the actions of three young complete strangers to bless me real good.  Big as day!  In all of His glory.  Smiling.  Silently.  Just chillin’.  He said to me, “My child, I know your plans for today and I’ll be with you.”

Okay.  I’m not crazy.  But I did, I did see Jesus…where of I am rejoicing.  Here is how it all played out.


This past Wednesday morning I met with my contractors and went shopping for a lot of materials to renovate a rental property I own. Afterwards, I stopped by the Sears Outlet store in my town to examine a refrigerator I had seen advertised on the internet.  The young sales person who assisted me was extremely polite and explained that the refrigerator I was inquiring about was not at her store, but actually located in another city.  However, she was anxious to show me another refrigerator that she thought I would like much better.  And the price was sweeter, too.

As we walked towards the  appliance display area I informed her of my intent to pay cash for the unit.  The sales lady immediately began to exclaim how she wished she could get to the place where she could buy big ticket items for cash, but with her family obligations, her small salary and her daughters college tuition, she did not see herself becoming financially secure for a very long time.

(I immediately thought, Lord, how can I witness to this woman?)

As we continued to walk, I listened to her recite how extended family members, needy friends, poor money habits, job hopping and other money grabbing situations had put her into a mountain of debt with no savings plan in sight.  By this time, we had reached the ‘for sale’ refrigerator with a sign that read ‘take an extra 10% off’.   I immediately made a calculation that if I purchased this model I would save an additional $200.  WOW!!

I was overjoyed and in my enthusiasm, I looked at the sales person and exclaimed; ‘you have blessed my soul today.  The Lord has truly used you in His plans towards me this day.’  The clerk looked stunned and her eyes got big.  “What do you mean?  What did I do?”

“You went an extra mile,” I said to her.  “Just before you returned to the store from your lunch brake, two other sales girls had looked up on their computers the first refrigerator I wanted and told me it was not in stock.  They both dismissed me, and I started to leave the store.  But, just then you darted in the front door and one of the other sales girls called to you to assist me.  The rest is history and you have made a cash sale and the Lord has provided me with a better deal, and I have saved some money.”

“Wait!  You mean, the Lord had something to do with this?” the sales clerk asked.  “Yes, He did,” I said.  “And He used you to perform it.”

“I don’t understand,” was her response.

“Remember, earlier, you were explaining how you are having trouble managing your money?”  Well, I believe the Lord wants to show you that if you trust Him, He can surely help you manage your income and to direct you on how to make better decisions about financial matters.”

“You see, I am a believer and a missionary and trust the Lord in all things,” I told her.  “And for the life of me, I can never beat God giving on my behalf.  He’s awesome. He’s full of surprises and today He used you to bless me.  Further more, I know, if you will allow Him to work in your life, He will do the same for you.”

The Sears sales clerk did not say much to me after that.  But she was softly smiling all the while she was writing up the sale.  As she handed me my receipt, she said, “I’ll definitely  remember what you said.  Thank you for your wisdom and advice.  Have a wonderful day.”

I left the store glorifying the Lord.  My short, silent prayer request was instantly answered.  The Lord had set up an opportunity to bring in another one of His sheep into the fold.  I did not have to preach like Paul or scold or condemn.

All I had was the here and now! All I had to do was show some love and compassion.  All I had to do was to spread the Gospel.  And to let people know that what God has done for others, He will do for them.  The Holy Spirit will take it from there.


Just before returning home from my shopping trip I decided to stop and get something to eat.  I chose a fast foods taco restaurant and indulged my self with a drink and 2 crispy supreme beef tacos.  As I looked around the eatery, I observed 2 young African American  men as they conversed in their booth while awaiting their order.  They were engaged in a lively conversation full of laughter and slang expressions and having a great time.

But here is what surprised me.

After they retrieved their food orders from the front counter and had returned to their booth, they both bowed their heads and whispered a long silent prayer.  As I watched, I smiled and thought, God, you are still definitely on the scene.  I appreciate Your presence in my life and in the life of these young men.  Praise and thanksgiving is not dead.

Just before I left the restaurant, I walked over to the young men’s table and asked if I could address them.  I commended them for giving thanks in a public place and asked the Lord to continue to bless them.  They both smiled and returned the blessing.  And one of them exclaimed to me that he was a young deacon in his church.

To God be the glory.  And may we all accept our Devine Assignments while here on earth because all we have is NOW!  Yes, to God be the glory for the things He has done.

And How’s your day been?  😊

Scripture Lesson:   It is God himself who has made us what we are and given us new lives from Christ Jesus’ and long ages ago he planned that we should spend these lives in helping others. Ephesians 2:10

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  1. Windell Walters

    I love this post because it demonstrates that it is not difficult to do God’s will, but you do have to be in constant conversation with Him. Thank you Sis. Fowler for a life well lived,Lynnette  

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    1. I’m blessed to hear from my Christian friends from my former church. I miss all of you. Yes, you are right. After I heard from the Holy Spirit that He would be my shadow for the day, I look for Him at every turn. How precious He is and gentle. Neither of the three people who blessed me had a clue that they were God’s instruments for the day. My prayer is that God will never give up on me and will also use me to be a blessing to others. Amen!

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  2. Having these conversations with our God on a daily basis is what I live for each and every day, Sister Dee. I wake up every morning with my mind stayed on Jesus. I feel so blessed that He, too, shares His day with me. Actually, all we have to do is call Him up and tell Him what we want. His line is never too busy.


  3. Jennifer Arimborgo

    What a precious day you had, my sister! You have beautifully shared here the joy of walking in the Spirit through the day. That joy is contagious! I’m sharing it with you 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jennifer. Isn’t God amazing! So glad you, too, can relate to the wonders of God. We have no excuse for not lifting up the Name of Jesus in our every day life. We are all God’s people and sheep in His pasture. It is up to the strong to reach back and lead others to the Cross. Amen!

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  4. After reading through various comments to this blog, I realize that the opportunity given me by the Holy Spirit to witness to a total stranger has indeed ‘absolutely blown away’ many people. It was so easy to give credit to the sales women for acting on God’s behalf. She was shocked, too. Honestly, I’m going to look for and pray for more opportunities to reach the lost through heaping praises on them as an instrument for Jesus Christ to reveal Himself to them. Try it, you’ll like it!


  5. Hello to godstillspeakstoday14. Some how I missed responding to your precious comment on this blog. I’ve been walking on cloud nine these last few weeks as I find myself being used by God in so many new ways. I have repented of my narrow mindedness for putting God in a box. But I am sure you, too, know how awesome he is. So please forgive me for taking this long to say many thanks for following my blog and commenting. Be blessed.


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