God Specializes In Raising Up People


“Use me, oh, Lord, until you use me up!”

Isn’t it amazing how God raises up certain individuals to do his bidding?  I’m not just talking about imminent tasks, but events that will not happen for generations to come.

And what is more amazing is that when God sets his plans in motion, he rarely changes his mind.  In other words, in God’s sovereignty, we are to understand and believe that God can use anyone or anything to achieve his divine purpose.

I remember a time when I was much younger that I wrote a poem entitled “A World Of Make Believe”.  How unlike God I was when I wrote down my thoughts.  The poem went like this:

Oh, but to be free, oh, but to be unattached, what wondering I would do.  I would travel to far off places and visit cities anew.   I would live in a dream world and pretend to be a queen that ruled over all the lands, all the people and all the seas.

 Bah!  Tis nothing but fantasy with no depth neither reason nor cause; for truly I am satisfied just the way things are.  Nevertheless, something inside me is crying out aloud: “Seek love, adventure and excitement and you will thereby obtain power.”

“For then a swelling in your breast will come from joys you’ve never known, as you gaze out upon the world and turn its love to song.”  Yes, because life is not always a pleasure it causes many-a-woman to dream.  To manufacture make believe of which things she holds high in esteem.

Bah!  Tis nothing but fantasy with no depth neither reason nor cause;  for truly I am satisfied just the way things are. 

Well, obviously, I wasn’t satisfied just the way things were, and that line about ‘power’, strictly rubbish!  The only true thing in the poem to date is that I have traveled to far off places and visited cities anew.

My point is simply this:  When God decided to announce the future for his world, he was very specific as to who would deliver his people, Israel, out of bondage from Babylon.  God chose Cyrus.  God had already shown Isaiah (41:25) this man who would be from the northeast.  And Scripture says that God revealed this man’s name more than two centuries before he conquered Israel from Babylon and the Medes.

Cyrus was a pagan Gentile king who some say was a foreshadow or Jesus Christ.  God put into the mind of Cyrus, King of Persia, not only to deliver Israel from Babylonian captivity, but to also assist them in rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem.

Oh, how I wish that my forethoughts could be so destine to impact the future.  How I wish I could hear more clearly from on high and be more of a true servant for our Lord and Savior.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  God has done marvelous things for me whereof I am mighty glad.  I just want to be used more and more by him.  My prayer is ‘order my steps in your word, King Jesus, order my steps in your word’.  For I am truly available to You.

Always remember, just as God used pagan kings to deliver his people from bondage, he can use you and me.  Amen!

Scripture Lesson: 

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