God Was In The Mix of my Relocation Plans

                                  My New Home

Hello, to the cyber-world of all blogger readers and followers.  My blog for this week is dedicated to anyone who is contemplating down-sizing from their current home to a 55+ community or to a senior citizen’s facility for the aging.  Tada


My plight is probably no different than yours, but it all started when my overall health began to fail.  As late as 2015, I occupied a beautiful 3,000 sq. ft. 2-story condominium in an upscale gated and quiet enclave of 39 units.  This residence had been my home for approximately 8 years when all of a sudden it started attacking me.  Probably because I was single, a widow and living alone at a ripe ole age of mid 70’s. Relieved

Basically, here’s what happen.

The entire square footage of the house, seemingly, started to rearrange itself.  One day my home office would be to the left of the top of the stairs and the next day to the right where it belonged. Thinking face

The stair treads got deeper, steeper and lengthier.  I could hardly make it up the stairs without stopping to rest halfway up.  That didn’t use to happen. Confused

The exterior entry doors managed to change their security lock combinations at will. Weary

The washer and dryer no longer kept their programmed wash and dry cycles.  Clean clothes remained in the units for weeks. Smirk

My alarm clock would go off in the mornings, I guess to remind me of appointments I needed to early rise and dress for.  But I didn’t have any appointments…I don’t think. Sleeping

I said to myself…”God is trying to tell me something.  Maybe he wants me to move.  So during the next 14 months, I did some research on accommodations for senior living that provided substantial amenities.  I visited most of those facilities and  I did a lot of praying. Pray

So to make a long story short, I truly believed that my prayers were answered and the Lord guided me to find my current residence in early 2018.  My new residence is marketed as a 55+ active senior apartment/home community with lots and lots of amenities and entertainment.  I now reside in a different suburb from my old place just a few miles from my daughter and her family .  She, my son-in-law and my 2 grandchildren are a tremendous blessing to me.  I receive renewed strength from their outpouring of love towards me.

It goes without saying I am totally happy living here and am celebrating 16 months under glorious living conditions and new surroundings.  Just view the above pictures and see for yourself.  But basically because of one request I made to management, it has greatly contributed to making my living here much more rewarding.  And that’s because God was in the mix!


So after searching the internet for a litany model, reprinted below,  I invited my pastors and guests to come and help me make a smooth transition.  I also treated everyone to a delicious meal while fellowshipping in the beautifully decorated dining hall.

Leader:  Wondrous God, the skies and the highest heavens cannot contain you, much less any building made by human hands.  Yet you dwell on this earth among us and make yourself intimately known in the places we dwell.  So it is, we ask you to bless this complex and use it for your glory through the lives of those who make it their home.

Guests:  Fill this building with your Holy Spirit.  May its walls, its furnishings, its presence in this community, declare your praise.

Leader:  As we ask your blessing upon this structure, we ask that its resources might particularly bless the life of this sister in the Lord.  May she be refreshed in the shelter of this place and that her life may be able to show forth your loving-kindness as a light upon a stand that leads others, also, to give you praise.

Guests:  Also, may all the inhabitance of this apartment complex accept the joy that comes from a place of their own; the peace to be found behind their own front door, the confidence bestowed within one’s living room, the security of one’s own bedroom–and in these gifts given, may the families of this complex always affirm your holy and eternal presence.

Leader:  May the needs to be found in this building become the framework for prayers of dependence upon you; and may you, O God, attend to every prayer uttered aloud or in secret, touching each heart with the certainty that no prayer goes unanswered.

Guests:  As people are greeted into this place may they also know what it means to be welcomed into your outstretched arms, embraced with a love that draws them ever nearer to you.  May this be a home that provides a place in which people find new commitment to one another, a sense of peace and belonging that replaces estrangement and hostility, a comforting hope that replaces grief and loss, a sacred sense of worth that erases the poverty of hopelessness.

Leader:  In everything that happens within these walls dear Master–from the refreshed hopefulness of awakening in the morning, to the holiness of shared meals and other friendly gatherings, to the solemnity of bedtime’s trusting prayers, to the interaction with staff and contract workers–may all who find themselves between the foundation and shingles of this place come to know a renewed and empowering awareness of your sheltering presence in this world.


We collectively ask these blessings in the precious Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

My gathering consisted of approximately 55 guests and 2 Pastors.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and the food.  They also took a tour and admired the ambiance and decor of the facilities.  Already I have made a reputation for myself here.  The residents have labeled me as the ‘puzzle lady’ because that is where I spend most of my day…at the puzzle table.  I also have recently started a writer’s club, attend the drumba exercise class, swim in the heated pool, and frequent the fitness room from time to time.  My favorite past time is watching old movies in our private theater room.

                                                  Ddrumba class

                                           A Typical Drumba Class…What Fun!

God has blessed my latter days better than the former…whereof I am glad.  (By the way, my health and memory have improved and I am living the life of Riley!)  Thank you Lord!   Raising hand  Smiling face with halo  See no evil  Speak no evil  Hear no evil

P.S.   Feel free to use the Litany for an occasion you may have.

P.S.S.  There’s a message behind each emoji.  Just move your mouse over it.

Scripture Lesson:  The steps of good (wo)men are directed by the Lord.  He delights in each step they take.  If they fall it isn’t fatal, for the Lord holds them with his hand.  I have been young and now I am old.  And in all my years I have never seen the Lord forsake a (wo)man who loves him; nor have I seen the children of the godly go hungry.  Instead, the godly are able to be generous with their gifts and loans to others, and their children are  a blessing.  Psalms 37:23-26 (Living Bible)

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11 thoughts on “God Was In The Mix of my Relocation Plans

  1. I chuckled as I read your comment. As I think about it, our guests had to use a call box and/or know the secret code to gain entrance to our “culturally distinct” neighborhood. (Words in quotes are from Webster.) I believe our “enclave” was a step above a man cave. My stay there was fun while it lasted, but now…WOW!!!


    1. You know, Dee, my new residence management team allow me to hold a prayer luncheon and ‘house blessing service’ over this new facility. It was a beautiful service and fellowship. We even blessed the staff and some of the residents. We did everything but offer a call to discipleship….and we should have because one of the staff members stepped out of line and fell into my arms. (I embraced her, sensed her desires, but said nothing.) If I had been on a donkey, he would have rebuked me.

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      1. Giggles! My Abba is reallllllly rich, in fact, His wealth cannot be measured 🙌🏽🙌🏽. I am so happy the Lord has allowed you to enjoy your latter days Grandma Fowler. By the way, if you are the one in that pic, you are looking rather spiffy for the ripe young age of 70s.

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