God Suffers The Little Children To Come to Him

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When my fourth grandchild was born, the Lord put it upon my heart to compose a poem about him.  Perhaps it was because in His eyes the child was special.  And also perhaps in the child’s  short existence of only five months, he was the most inquisitive baby I had ever seen.

Little Dylan was so strong for a new born.  And seemingly, so ‘all-knowing’.  His dad would place Dylan on his lap, hold out two fingers and Dylan would grab hold of each finger and lift himself up off his dad’s lap and perform exercises like doing a reverse pushup.  In amazement, the family described this action as ‘baby-ups’.  It was unbelievable the strength this kid had.

Well, as I said, when Dylan was only five months old, the Lord allowed me to search the child’s heart and soul and to imagine just what the boy might be thinking as he gazed into the eyes of the many family members, friends and total strangers that would visit him from time to time.

In the voice of Dylan, I wrote the following poem entitled…

                         Little Dylan James Cross(*)

Oh, no!  More new faces and groping hands.  They pull and stretch me as though I was a rubber band.  Why do they think they have to pinch my cheeks.  And doesn’t anyone use Listerine or brush their teeth.

Mom, Dad, give a five-month old a break.  We just went through this last week and my body still aches.  Oh, no! Not the little guy.  Don’t give me to him again.  On the first go round, he tickled me dead under my chin.

Stop playing the piano on my stomach, you ole bat.  Yes you, in that stupid looking hat.  Who are you anyway, with your lips all poked out.  I guess you want to plant a kiss on me, right on my mouth.

I heard somebody say, “These are your cousins, and here is Auntie Pat.  Give Grandmother Punkin’ Dunkin’ a big smile and hug Uncle Jason around the neck.”  The response was, “Isn’t he cute.  He looks like Granddaddy Bill.  I sure wish he was alive to see his grandson.  He would be thrilled.”

How long did they say these people would be in town.  And why do I feel like everybody is having a grand ole time.  For some reason most of these people all look alike.  And my dog, Boomer, after sniffing them, did not take one bite.

Well just maybe this bunch of folks really are special.  After all they did travel a long way just to see me.  They brought me lots and lots of gifts and things to help celebrate my February 15th Christening.

Did I hear Mommy call out, ‘Mommy’?  Is she addressing that old lady by that name.  Oops, here they come in my direction.  It seems like lots of names in this room are the same.

Now Larry, Joanie and me, Dylan James we are called Cross’s.  But the visitors in this house are acting like they are the bosses.  They are chasing my dog and scaring our little cat.  And eating everything in sight except my formulae, what’s with that.

But the truth is, the more they hang around and play with me, the more I’m beginning to like them;  so I’ll smile when they say ‘cheese’.  Especially the old one who has the two nice cushions.  I guess she is the pillow for everybody to relax on.

At first I was wondering if I would like where God had placed me.  With a daddy and mommy and a doggie and a kitty.  Now I know I am satisfied thanks to all these extra folks…Uncles and aunts and cousins and grandpas and little old ladies they call grannies. 

(*) NOTE:  Not the family’s real names.                                                                                                                        ♥  ♥ ♥ ♥

At this writing, Dylan has grown into a fine and loving young teenager.  Thanks be to God and to his parents, he is a good student, well mannered and respectful to his elders.  In my conversations with God about my five grandchildren, my prayer is that they will always look to the hills from which cometh their help.  And that they will always live, breath and teach the commandments of God to their future families and to every one they come in contact with.  May God continue to bless all of them richly, as well as you and your families, too.

AFamilyThatPraysTogether              A Family that prays together stays together.                                   

Scripture Lesson:   “Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it.”  Proverbs 22:6

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2 thoughts on “God Suffers The Little Children To Come to Him

  1. Thanks, Dee. I have a lot of journals full of encounters with family, friends and total strangers who had no idea that some of the things they were saying or doing were the express actions of the Lord. So in many cases, they did not give honor and glory to Him. So, in my prayer time, I would lift them up to Jesus, asking Him to continue ordering their steps until they come to understand His all-encompassing love for His own. Next week I will blog about a North Viet Nam soldier I met while in his country on a mission trip. It will, bless your heart. Stay tuned.


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