God Provides Healing Words For Those Who Suffer

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My previous blog was about your anatomy…’Dem bones.  This week I decided to converse with God about aches and pains of the anatomy.

It’s easy.  But it sure can hurt.  What am I talking about?  Just our bodies…especially when aging sets in.  The easy part comes as we learn how to be at peace and in ‘good’ health (tolerating it) even when our bodies are hurting and racked with pain and troubled with disturbing thoughts and our spirit is questioning our faith.

In other words, although we have put our physical dilemmas into the hands of medical professionals, we should also look at God’s word and discover how to get to the real source of the matter and arrive at a better health position.  For me, that’s easy!

With the help of the mind of our Master Teacher, the Holy Spirit, I will attempt to convey to you what the scriptures have to say about applying a certain reasoning to why Jesus used so many examples of life’s infirmities to teach on how to be blessed, highly favored  and content when all hell is breaking loose around you.  Here we go!

Scripture Lesson:  The following synopsis comes from several verses in two chapters in Matthews 4:23 to 5:12.
While living down here on earth, we ought to always be salt and light    in the world regardless of what physical, mental or material state we find ourselves in.
In order to be disciples of Jesus Christ, our ways and demeanor should bring illumination and savor (preservation) to our fellow man.  Constantly living in a manner befitting the atmosphere of the Kingdom of God.


Did you know that the word “Blessed” means more than just happy?  It has a broader meaning.  It takes on the ultimate well-being and distinctive spiritual joy of those who share in the salvation of the kingdom of God.

So, Jesus is referring to the broader meaning of ‘blessed’ when He says, ‘Blessed are those who are poor in spirit, who mourn and who are meek.’  Why?  Because they keep their minds dependent upon God and not the world physicians.  They are sensitive to their spiritual faults and seek God’s help, favor and comfort during their infirmities.

‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness’…why?  They have a deep longing for both personal righteousness and justice for the oppressed.  Thus, taking a lot of stress off of their bodies and mental state.

‘Blessed are the merciful’…why?  They both forgive and have compassion for others.  When you are sensitive to God’s forgiveness it frees you from feeling guilty and brings comfort to and removes stress from caregivers and others.  Thus, taking your mind off of yourself.

‘Blessed are the pure in heart’…why?  Those persons have no guilt trip as they engage in their devotion to God while on their beds.  Subsequently, they are spiritually able to feel Gods presence instead of concentrating on their woes.  Offering a heart of thanksgiving for the many blessings God has given you.

All of these qualities or emotions allow us to bring peace to ourselves and others even while on our beds of affliction.  BUT, hold on…wait a minute…It’s also a ‘catch 22’ situation…why?  Because it can also make us vulnerable to persecution which could put us into a ‘pity-party and bring on more ill feelings’.

Precious Jesus reminded me in our conversation that He also teaches…

‘Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the Children of God.’  Here on earth, our only reward may be to be called “Sons and Daughters of God”.  And we may have to physically suffer while experiencing God’s kingdom rule while here on earth by becoming a peacemaker, thus proving our fitness for the kingdom.

Kingdom Rule…

Jesus wanted to make it clear to his Jewish audience and to us that with this new teaching style, He did not come to abolish The Law of Moses.  (That some consider a bunch of rules with dire punishments.)  But to say that it was not enough to be righteous according to the Law…you must be righteous according to what would Jesus do.

WWJD?  You know the answer to that…Take up your cross (your idiosyncrasies; pain, suffering, disappointments, enemies, etc.) and follow Him.

My two cents is simply this…”Sickness and infirmities can come about through bad habits, weak constitutions, exposure to danger, crimes, accidents, birth defects, sin, malpractice, etc., but while experiencing sickness it can also reveal attitudes, values and motives which must be dealt with and transformed if human beings are to be truly in harmony with their bodies and with God.  (See Matt. 5:19-48).

Be encouraged and give thanks!

                      HAPPY THANKSGIVING

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