God’s Desire Is That We Come To Know Him Intimately

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“We will know HIM by HIS fruit.” Matt. 7:16a (Revised)

If you had your druthers, which name at birth would you rather had been given; a name that distinguished you from other people or a name that referenced your inner most being

I realize that is a serious and tough question to answer because as we live, grow and breathe, our character changes.  So, who really knows what or whom one will become.  Moreover, its inconvenient and cost money to change a given name that you may not like or that you may not be able to live up to.

Let’s take a quick look at our Native American Indian societies that bestow names at birth on their new born infants that reflects nature.  Traditionally, these names can change according to what a person’s accomplishments and experiences are as they go through life.

God’s names for his chosen people are like that…Descriptive.  And our names for God should be like that, too…Descriptive, especially in our conversational prayer life.

As a person grows in God’s grace and mercy and begins to realize when giving thanks and gratitude, that it was all because of his Wondrous-working power, our prayer communications could be strengthened and become more intimate and fervent by addressing him with a descriptive nomenclature.

Isaiah 9:6 list five descriptive Names attributed to the coming Christ:

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

Webster’s dictionary defines “Conversation” as having an oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions or ideas.  Since most of us at birth were given names that merely distinguished us from other people, we are not known by any recognizable goals or accomplishments we may have attained.  On the other hand, every time we call on the Name of Jesus in prayer, by using one of his descriptive names from Scripture that addresses our prayer need, we know with assurance God has already shown himself worthy of that title.  Thus the focus is off of ourselves and on the Great I AM, Lord!  JEHOVAH!

Let’s look at a prayer I led on March 16, 1999 for a Women’s Prayer Breakfast where the focus was on divine intimacy with God.  See if you can identify the numerous descriptive names attributed to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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“Can you believe it! I called and He answered me.” Job 9:16 (Revised)

Most Holy and Everlasting Father, Our Jehovah Jirah; We who are called by Your Name do thank you for all your provisions for our lives.
We praise you, Lord, because you are an Om-ni-scient God! Thank you.  You know everything…you are infinitely wise.  We also magnify and adore you because you are an Om-nip-o-tent God.  All power is thine. Thank you.  We continue in prayer by saying Hallelujah to your Name, this morning, because of your Om-ni-pres-ence.  Yes, you are not only glorified here in this place, put you are reigning hemispherically. Thank you.
Because you are a God who forgives, we humbly ask your pardon in those areas of our lives where we have failed to put you first.  For those times when we have marched to the beat of an alien drummer.  Also, when we failed to respond to your call in the manner in which your Son and our Redeemer would have responded.  It is during those times that we say, Lord forgive.
It is because of your kind heartedness and your undying love for your people we submit to you all those things that so easily beset us.  Our cry this morning is that as Shield and Buckler, you will surely claim us as your own; you will rescue us from our persecutors and fears and that we will survive; that in our state of perplexities and confusion, you will lift us up where we belong and remove us out of the pits of despair. 
When we find ourselves cast down and we are unable to get up, you will show yourself as our Rock and you will give us the courage and strength to bind Satan, in the Name of Jesus and thus we will not be utterly destroyed.  Now Lord, as we come to the close of this prayer, may we always be reminded that no matter how devastating the circumstances, You are an Overcomer and have already put the enemy under your feet and have bruised his head.
So as our Strong Tower, armed with this holy knowledge, we endeavor to always be joyful; to pray continually; to give thanks in all things and to converse with you without ceasing; for this is your will for our lives.  All these things we pray and ask in the Matchless Names of Jesus the Christ.  Amen!
Scripture Reference:  Philippians 2:10-11   And so, in honor of the name of Jesus all beings in heaven, on earth, and in the world below will fall on their knees, and all will openly proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.


Blog Four Praying Intimately and He hears, pic.jpgMy Sisters in Christ Calling on Emanuel in song.  Click the YouTube below to hear them shouting His Name in praises.                                                             

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