“Mr. Character”

             “Becoming an Example and Servant Manager for Christ

As a servant manager (blogger) of Christ, there should be no concern for oneself but only for the Master and the Master’s business as He unravels the mysteries of the kingdom.  Thus, the Master’s mind managers (bloggers) are those persons through whom others believe.

Mr. Character, your life is an open book. It’s an interesting book extended to all those who care to read it. There is no discrimination; from the smallest child to the oldest human being alive you have a message.

Thus, Mr. Character, I salute you for those unselfish efforts you have attempted to perform in the lives of others. You know, you are really like a mirror…that is, you reflect in every mood. Every experience you encounter is automatically revealed.

For those who can’t read, there are pictures or shall I say reflections that one can pattern after as he molds his way of life in this trying world.  For the more advanced reader there is a plot to follow which oftentimes may have you bickering with yourself and causing you to put it aside as if it was philosophy. Thus, in everyone’s library this book is essential.

It is a must to take an interest in Character.  It is a compelling obligation that we must encounter if we are to advance and know truth and enjoy the better things of life.

Conversely, the characteristics one displays depend upon oneself.  The expressions one wears will disclose their disposition.  The moods they dress in will uncover their personality.  The words they send out will reflect their intelligence.

Come unto me, Mr. Character is calling, and I will mold for you the sweetest disposition known.  Come unto me, He beseeches you, and I will shine for you the brightest star of personality.  Come unto me, He is beckoning, and I will give you an understanding and peace of mind.  I will give you advice…such as pick your friends, but not to death.  Remember to laugh with others, but not at them.  Work with initiative, but not against it.

This remarkable Book can be yours for only a glance.  Mr. Character is a reflection in your nearest mirror.  Look it over.  The character you see just might be YOU!

Mr. Character pic.jpg

Scripture reference: 2 Cor. 3:18  “But we all, with unveiled face [not looking through a glass darkly], beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed [into servant managers] into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, [Who also gives us] the Spirit.”

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2 thoughts on ““Mr. Character”

    1. Hello Cathy. As you can see by the initial date of this blog, May 9, 2018, it was my first published blog on WordPress. The reason I re-blogged several of my earlier blogs was the fact that they had the wrong website listed at the bottom of my blogs. The website included the word “wordpress”.com at the end. When people clicked on that website, the page went to error.

      So I had to remove the word “wordpress” on the blogs. And I have several more blogs to correct. Sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused you and others. By the way, I actually wrote “Mr. Character” as prose more than 50 years ago. As you know, my correct website is http://www.tgifmasterminds.com


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