God Sent Out A Devine Call For A Man Named Simon

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Simon says, “Show your hands!”

As a little child, my friends and I used to play a very popular game called ‘Simon Says’.  And just in case you also played this game, but have forgotten just how it went, please allow me to refresh your memory by inserting this 2:13 minute Youtube video below:

Video for youtube simon says game

I owe you an explanation here…

You may be wondering why I included this rendition of a child’s game in my blog.  Well, for me, the message analogy and the choice of the man’s name is synonymous with God’s divine purpose.  Both in the child’s game, if Simon did not audibly ‘say’ to perform a particular act, the players should not do it, or would be penalized if they did.  And also in the Bible story about a man named Simon, it is obvious by the godly principals displayed by his wife and at least one son named Rufus, that they certainly obeyed what ever godly instructions Simon gave them.

A little background on Simon’s family…

According to scripture, Simon was married to a devout godly woman, who had been, at some time in her life, a surrogate mother to the Apostle Paul.  For in Paul’s epistle to the Romans after he lays the foundations for the establishment of the church and the grounds for justification by faith, among others, he admonishes the letter recipients to salute Simon’s son Rufus, who is a man chosen in the Lord, and to also salute his mother and mine.  This is a personal reference to that born-again Jewish family which indicates that Paul was extremely close to the son Rufus and his mother (no doubt claiming her as his own). Romans 16:13

Simon had another son named Alexander, who is not included in Paul’s invitation to the people of Rome to pay homage to Simon’s wife and son Rufus.  Never the less, what is ironic is the fact that there are four other Alexanders mention in New Testament scriptures, all of whom opposed teachings on Jesus Christ, and were especially hostel to Paul.  And by the way, the definition of the Greek name Alexandros is ‘a defender of men’…not a defender of God.

So I had a little conversation with God…

I paused while composing this blog just long enough to stealthily (tongue in cheek) invite God to take a little walk with me like he did with Enoch, and exclaim to me why some biblical names remain throughout eternity and other names die out.  In other words, why did he send out a divine call for a man named Simon. Hardly anyone  names their child after those who contended with God; for example, Lucifer or Jezebel or Satan or Devil or Judas.  Yet Thomas, Saul and Delilah are still very popular names of persons who doubted the divinity of the Godhead.

The Holy Spirit nudged me and informed me that I was not ready to embark upon such a topical journey that I was suggesting, but He would share the divine relationship God wanted to have with this particular man named Simon from Cyrene.

First of all, Simon already had so many traits resembling God himself.  Simon was a loving father who had a child that was obedient and who had a serving heart for the church. Like Jesus, Simon presented the Good News and traveled to a distant synagogue in Jerusalem and may have been one of  the “men of Cyrene” who preached the word to the Greeks (Acts 11:20).  Simon was most like Jesus when Jesus became tired, weary and burdened down and Simon was obedient to the divine order of God (at the behest of an authoritative soldier) and carried the cross for our Lord up a hill called Calvary.

Therefore, let our prayer be…

Dear Heavenly Father, whose most dear and beloved Son, as He walked the way of The Cross, did accept the services of Simon of Cyrene to carry his physical burden for Him: please God, grant us each the grace gladly to bear one another’s burdens, for the love of Him who said, “As you did it to the least of these my brethren, you did it to me,” your Son Jesus Christ our Lord, who now lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for evermore.  Amen

So in closing, yes, I truly do have penetrating conversations with God, but sometimes, when I pose a query that is too lofty for me or that is not in his will, I, too, must become like his Son and say…’not my will but thine be done’.

Scripture Lesson:  The Lord’s Prayer. Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, As it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever. Amen.  Matthew 6:9-13

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                            https://youtu.be/y7yN6QtedHc (Click to view) (*)

Sometimes when God (Jesus) wants to converse with a person He calls their name twice.  For example, “Moses! Moses!” (Ex 3:4) or “Martha! Martha!” (Lk 10:41), or Simon! Simon! (Lk 22:31) or “Samuel! Samuel!” (1 Samuel 3:10).  Why is that? Could it be because God wants their undivided attention?  Or perhaps it’s because God wants to impart a truth/revelation that impacts the entire universe of people.  OR IS IT BECAUSE OTHERS ARE CALLING OUR NAME, TOO, AND GOD WANTS TO SEE IF WE RECOGNIZE HIS VOICE AND WILL ANSWER HIS CALL?

I, personally believe it is the latter.

Let’s take a closer look at the calling of Moses.  In Exodus 3:4 we read:  “God called to him from the bush and said, Moses, Moses, and Moses said, ‘Here I Am’.”  How does those sentences actually read to you?  Is Moses saying to the ‘voice’ here I am over here OR, over here…I Am!

I bet none of you chose the latter expression.  That’s because when the scriptures were translated from the Greek to the King James Bible the English punctuation marks were incorporated…sometimes mistakenly or in error or not at all.

God, however, rejoiced to hear that Moses recognized just Who it was that was calling him.  Well, maybe not altogether…but at least Moses used God’s real Name…I AM.

Let’s continue with God’s conversation with Moses in Exodus 3:5.  “Do not draw away.  Take your shoes from your feet, for the place were you stand is holy ground.”

Through my in depth conversations with God using scriptures, here is how He has interpreted the above verse for me.  ‘Moses, concentrate on this moment only, fear not.  Remove from your mind all other distracting thoughts.  You have truly recognized Me by the power of the Holy Spirit and your total being is holy ground.’

[As an aside thought, did not Jesus have a similar conversation with Nicodemus one night?  Nick was not born of the Spirit, therefore he could not see God, nor did he know God’s real Name.  Nick addressed Jesus as Rabbi!  The very presence of the burning bush (fire) indicated that Moses was full of the Holy Spirit!!!  Thus Moses knew who God was because he had been drawn from the water and was now communing with Fire!  Jesus had to inform Nick that a man MUST be born of water and the Spirit!  And this feat does not require the womb.]

(I know this is heavy stuff and to some, even far fetched, but I’m led by the Holy Spirit…not man.)

Now please allow me to digress a little bit more.  Many of us have said, ‘When I get to heaven, I’m going to ask God why……..(fill in the blank with your question).  Well, during this conversation between God and Moses, Moses did not have to wait until eternity to question God.  Moses was meeting face to face with God and he was not taking any chances.  Moses knew that lessor gods could also perform supernatural feats and since that bush was not being consumed by fire, Moses wanted to make sure that it was the work of the Almighty.  Moses also wanted his God to proclaim His identify for Himself.


Then answer His Call!

But first, make absolute sure you are communing with the Heavenly Father of all Creation.  Also begin to preference your thoughts with the Names of God.  Not the names that man gives to occupations.  (For God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.  John 4:24)

Don’t take any chances of the enemy slipping in.  Even when you respond to the question of what is your name.  Say, I AM _________ (fill in your name here).   That way you cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus.  Stop saying, ‘My name is ________.’  (This phrase denotes a nomenclature that man gave you.)

My Conversion and Response to the Call

Jesus called my name many, many yeas ago.  I almost missed it.  God called me by a name nobody had ever referred to me as…God called me ‘SOUGHT OUT’.  (Isaiah 62:12).  Like Moses in the video referenced at the beginning of this blog, I rolled my eyes to the left and to the right.  I looked over my shoulder, I glanced upward.  Like Samuel, I went through my house asking everybody and anybody if they had called me.  (1 Samuel 3:8).  Finally I turned to the Great I AM.

“It is I,” the Lord said in my heart…Then I replied, “Speak, Lord, thy servant is listening.”   “You have been Sought Out to do my bidding,” the Father replied.  (The rest is history!)

Yes, I answered the call!  And my fervent prayer is that one day He will say, “Well done, my beloved.  You have been faithful over a few things, now enter through the gates of Glory and take a seat beside Moses, Martha, Simon and Samuel.”  AMEN.

(*) Note:  The book Moses and the Burning Bush can be purchased on Amazon                              The Youtube video is 1:47

Scripture Lesson:  “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.” (Luke 9:23)

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