God Suggested That I Let Go And Let God

Blog - Let Go and Let God Little boyHave you ever decided to just ‘let go and let God’?  Well I did.   And I have now decided to share that experience with you guys.  All I did was to say to myself; “Enough, already!”  And guess what I decided to throw out: DOUBT, FEAR, WORRYING, INDECISIVENESS, PROCRASTINATION,  ETC., ETC., ETC.  All those things were getting old and in my way.  They kept me from becoming the person God wanted me to be.  Actually, I was hindered from performing things God’s way.  (You remember that song by Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr. ‘I Did It My Way’?)


I don’t have any regrets, either!  All those things that were a detriment to my health and that inhibited me from being Christ-like went out the window and the Holy Spirit made room for a new creature in Christ.

You, too, can deep six those books of yours entitled “My Past,” “I Ought,” “I Might”, or “Tomorrow”.  Replace them with “My Future”, “I Can” or “I Will”.

From the very beginning, God had a calling on my life and yours, too.  He seeks us out from birth…from the womb.  I know this for a fact because I asked him.

One evening through prayer, I was led to claim His words that said…”…and you shall be called Sought Out” (see Isaiah 62:12a).  My name was capitalized right there on the pages of the Bible…”Sought Out”!

Although God called me at an early age, like most of you, I did not stop running.  I turned a deaf ear to his voice.  I allowed the voices of Mr. and Mrs. Excuse, Aunt and Uncle Procrastination, and my favorite cousin, Self-willed Willie to have control over my life.  They took turns distorting my hearing, understanding, mind, heart, time, talents and my treasures.  Enough, all ready!

If the truth was told we all have bodies that come designed with a myriad of voices.  Did you know that your persona reflects which voice you are listening to at any given time in your life?  At present (and I hope from this point forward), my persona reflects a contented sheep because the voice I am listening to is that of the Shepherd.

So, when I came to myself, I repented and prayerfully asked the Lord to forgive me for procrastinating in compiling my thoughts into a blog that I had penned entitled “Conversations With God Using Scripture”.  I have also thanked him for silencing every negative voice that previously had dominion over me.  For I once was young, but now I am in my late senior years and am privileged to see just who it was that rescued me from the snares of life.  Thank God for those of you whose eyes and ears were opened in your youth.

But no matter what your age, begin seeking him today.  Start recognizing the extraordinary methods of operation he is performing in your live.  In my situation, he turned my personal Bible study quiet time into an interactive, stimulating and intimate conversational time with him, where of I am glad.  (And I hope my blog readers are truly enjoying eavesdropping on our conversations.)

Always remember that God is calling you twenty-four hours a day; seven days a week.  It is your choice to mentally leave your domain, your comfort zone, your place of many voices and answer his call.  He is the One with the still small voice.  He is The Comforter.  When you are ready to obey and yield, just say, “Speak Lord, thy servant is listening.”

Blog - enough already trash

Hear my prayer, Oh Lord, for this load is too heavy for me.  ‘BLESSED BE GOD, WHO HAS NOT TURNED AWAY MY PRAYER, NOR HIS MERCY FROM ME’.  AMEN (Psalms 66:20)

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8 thoughts on “God Suggested That I Let Go And Let God

  1. Sister Fowler, this post was meant for me! I can personally relate to everything you wrote and were called to let go of. Now I need to say as you did, “Enough, already!”.

    The older I get, the more I struggle with these things. But it’s time I stood up and shook them all off in God’s strength. And you’re right, they weigh us down and keep us from becoming the people God wants us to be. I’ve been dealing with this mentally for a while now, and in my struggles I completely missed the simplicity of just saying, “enough is enough”. May God gives us all the strength to turn to Him and away from those things that ensnare us.

    Thank you so much for being a blessing to me. Hugs to you, my Sister. God bless.


  2. Dee, the picture of the little boy is saying, ‘get out of here’! And the picture of the women is praying while walking and asking God to lead her because so far she has been a dead woman walking in darkness. Thanks for your in debt comment and I hope this post is a blessing for many more saints and sinners.

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